About Us


Silispongebeauty.com was created by two sisters who are passionate about beauty and looking flawless. We believe in creating Silisponge beauty blenders that are of the highest quality design and beauty. Our silisponge is made of 100% Grade A silicone gel. We harness the power of this amazing material to make the best, most innovative, softest, highest quality silicone make up applicators you will ever find.

Every style we create is personally tested and assessed by us to ensure a great and long lasting experience. We take pride in our products and our brand; and we know you will love our silicone make up tools too.


No more wasting expensive product to get the coverage you want. The amount of liquid or cream products needed is cut in half compared to using a regular brush or sponge Achieve a glowing, seamless coverage with our silicone sponge blenders.

Easy swipe and tap application. Only use the smallest amount of cream/liquid product and go in smooth motions or back and forth to spread. Tap repeatedly to blend and settle.

Our silisponge beauty blender is completely safe for all skin types and is hyper-allergenic.

Lasts a very long time and is a breeze to clean. Use mild soap and rinse with lukewarm water to clean, pat dry and store. Just keep them away from sharp objects like your tweezers or brow scissors, and they will be your best makeup application tools for a long time.

Check out our amazing collection now! We are sure you will be delighted and impressed.